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The following report was delivered at our SERVe Employer Summit, where we had a chance to communicate with our participating employers for a final time as we wind-down the research portion of the study. Click HERE for a link to the blog post describing the Summit.  

View the report to find out about:

  • Veteran-Supportive Supervisor Training 

  • Overall study results

  • Veteran participant sample demographics

  • Participating employers statistics 


Please click HERE to see the report. 


Arpin, S. N., Starkey, A., Mohr, C. D., Greenhalgh, A., & Hammer, L. (2018). A well spent day brings happy sleep: Findings from a dyadic study of capitalization support, loneliness, and sleep outcomes. Journal of Family Psychology, 32(7), 975-985.

Click here for a link to the paper

Bodner, T. E. & Bliese, P. E. (2018). Detecting and Differentiating the Direction of Change and Intervention Effects in Randomized Trials. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(1), 37-53.

Click here for a link to the paper

Brady, J.M., Hammer, L.B., Mohr, C.D., & Bodner, T. (2020). Supportive Supervisor Training Improves Marital Relationship Quality among Employee and Spouse Dyads. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

Click here for a link to the paper

Hammer, L.B., Brady J.M., & Perry, M. (2020). Training supervisors to support veterans at work: Effects on supervisor attitudes and employee sleep and stress. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. 93, 273-301

Click here for a link to the paper

Hammer, L. B., Wan, W. H., Brockwood, K.,J.,  Bodner, T., & Mohr, C. D. (2018).

Supervisor support training effects on veteran health and work outcomes in the civilian workplace. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Click here for a link to the paper


Hammer, L. B., Wan, W. H., Brockwood, K. J., Mohr, C. D., & Carlson, K. F. (2017). Military, work, and health characteristics of veterans and reservists from the Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe). Military Psychology. 29(6), 491-512.

This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis Group in Military Psychology on 18/20/2018

Lee, J. D., O'Neill, A. S., Denning, E. C., Mohr, C. D., Hammer, L. B. (2020). A Dyadic Examination of Drinking Behaviors within Military-Connected Couples. Military Behavioral Health.

Click here for a link to the paper


McCabe, C., Mohr, C., Hammer, L. B., Carlson, K. F., (2019). PTSD Symptomology and Motivated Alcohol Use Among Military Service Members: Testing a Conditional Indirect Effect Model of Social Support. Substance Use & Misuse, 54:2, 257-270.

Click here for a link to the paper

Mohr, C., McCabe, C., Haverly, S., Hammer, L., & Carlson, K. (2018). Drinking motives and alcohol use: The SERVe study of U.S. current and former service members. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 79(1):79-87.

Click here for a link to the paper

Mohr, C.D., Hammer, L.B., Brady, J., Perry, M. & Bodner, T. (2021). Can Supervisor Support Improve Daily Employee Well-being? Evidence of Supervisor Training Effectiveness in a Study of Veteran Employee Moods. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

O'Neill, A. S., Mohr, C. D., Bodner, T. E., & Hammer, L. B. (2020). Perceived Partner Responsiveness, Pain, and Sleep: A Dyadic Study of Military-Connected Couples. Health Psychology, 39, 1089–1099.

Click here for a link to the paper

Perry, M. L., Hammer, L. B., Bodner, T. E., Anger, W. K., & Brockwood, K. (2018).

Development and validation of a veteran-supportive supervisor behavior measure. Military Behavioral Health.

Click here for a link to the paper

Smith, N. A., Brady, J. M., Hammer, L., Carlson, K., & Mohr, C. (2020). Military sexual trauma among women veterans: The buffering effect of coworker support. Military Psychology, 32, 441-449.

Click here for a link to the paper


Wan, W., Haverly, S. N., & Hammer, L. (2018). Work, Stress, and Health of Military Couples Across Transitions. In P. D. Harms and P. L. Perrewé (Eds.). Research in Occupational Stress and Well-being (Vol. 16): Examining the Stress and Well-being of our Military and Veterans. (pp 69-90). UK: Emerald Publishing.

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The SERVe team would like to recognize the following people and organizations for their support:

Former Governor Kitzhaber
Former Governor Kulongoski
Former Adjutant General Daniel Hokanson, ORNG
Multnomah County Task Force on Veteran Affairs
Cameron Smith, Director, Oregon Department of Veteran's Affairs

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